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Cornish rock!

a wile ago, we got ten Cornish rock chicks. do not be confused with Cornish cross chicks. two of them died:c. now, they are so big, even thew they are still chicks. they must be 1-2 pounds already. look up cornish cross chickens, or cornish rock chickens. next time we are getting meat-eaters, we will get ranger chickens, who wont have a heart attack because they are so big. we also will get ranger chickens because cornish rock are not very good at getting to the coop and back, and we take the food out so they cant get to it, and the other chickens are starving in the morning.

chicken name!

Astra’s chick has a name now! its name is rural. we think it is a boy, but we hope it is a girl. rural looks just like Astra. i wonder is soaring – eagle had hatched them, they would have looked like her, or gotten some of her magic. soaring – eagle had magic to escape anything! she was a small jersey giant chicken. we think she used her energy to get magic instead of growing


Astra hatched a chick!it is white. it is a green queen- breese chicken cross. or a rusty- queenington cross. we named it a rural- queen. its name is-okay it has been weeks, and i cant think of a name for it! post in the comments what you think it’s name should be!

breese chickens!

a couple months ago, we got breese chickens! now, they are laying eggs that are fertilized! breese chickens are meat-eaters. we got too roosters(boys), and 4 hens(girls). we also got rode island reds. my mom and dad think they are both hens, but i think they are a rooster and a hen.

rooster crowing!

today, our rooster crowed! we also put the bees in our hives! but the rooster crowing was the most exiting thing! the first time, he said “cocadoodl” without the “doo”. but putting the bees in the hives was still very fun!

Caring for Chicks

Caring for Chicks
By Anya Rushworth

Chicken heater
Chick food from Manna Pro
Chick feeder
Chick waterer
Small rocks
1″ binder clips
Wood shavings



  1. Put the aquarium where you want to keep chicks. Make sure it is a warm place in the house.
  2. Put the towel in the aquarium. Make sure to cover the whole bottom and not bunched up.
  3. Put the chick heater to the lowest setting and put it in the aquarium.
    chicks under heater
  4. Fill the feeder with chick feed and put it in the aquarium. Place the feeder away from the heater.
  5. Put the rocks around in the waterer so the chicks cannot get wet or drown.
    rocks in chick waterer
  6. Fill the waterer with fresh water and put it in the aquarium closer to the heater.
  7. Put in chicks!
  8. Cover the top of the aquarium with fabric. Hold the fabric down with the clips.
  9. Every hour or so, you should check their feeder and waterer. If they are not full, put more in.
  10. When the chicks get older and can move their towels, put in wood chips instead of towels.