we had thought that co-co belonged to one of the other people on the hill, but they do not own him! so, if Patches, Fritter, Blackcurrant (Ash), Calla-kitten, Pebbles, AND Co-co, we will have six cats! Update: Co-co did not want to be a house cat. We let him out and he ran away. Patches escaped from us twice, however the second time we got her to the vet first (We did the same to Co-co). We caught Fritter, Ash, and Pebbles, but had to give Pebbles away to a neighbor that had caught Calla-kitten so Calla-Kitten would not get lonely. Fritter disapered after a while. Then we got a cat just like Fritter called Dumplin’ ( I did NOT name Fritter or Dumplin’, or Pie (Another cat that looks just like Fritter)!

( calla-kitten)


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